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    Croco The Dwarf Crocodile

    Did you know:

    Crocodiles only eat about fifty meals a year and can live longer than a year without eating.

    Necky The Giraffe

    Did you know:

    Giraffes are the tallest mammals on earth.

    Slimmy The Black Mamba Snake

    Did you know:

    The black mamba is the fastest moving snake in Africa and possibly the world.

    Mick The Monkey

    Did you know:

    Monkeys are most easily distinguished from apes by their tails. Apes have no tails.

    Huppy The Hippopotamus

    Did you know:

    Although hippos might look a little big and slow, they can easily outrun a human.

    Debbo The Zebbra

    Did you know:

    No two zebras have exactly the same pattern of stripes.

    Elly The African Elephant

    Did you know:

    Elephants eat for about 16 hours a day.

    Shelly The Aldabra Giant Tortoise

    Did you know:

    Tortoises can live very long, some even as much as 150 years.

    Bucky The Impala

    Did you know:

    Known for their leaps, impala can jump about 3 meters high and about 10-11 meters far.

    Rick The White Rhino

    Did you know:

    White rhino can weigh over 3500 kg(7700 lb).

    Richie The Ostrich

    Did you know:

    Ostriches' legs are so powerful that a single kick at a predator could be fatal.

    Sam The Lion

    Did you know:

    The roar of a lion can be heard from up to 8 kilometers away.

    Milly The Elasmosaurus

    Did you know:

    The elasmosaurus' neck could be up to four times the length of a giraffe's.

    Bronty The Brachiosaurus

    Did you know:

    The brachiosaurus ate between 200kgs and 400kgs of plants every day. The brachiosaurus was one of the largest dinosaurs weighing between up to 40.000kgs.

    Paul The Pachycephalosaurus

    Did you know:

    The pachycephalosaurus used its thick skull to defend itself against predators.

    Kylo The Ankylosaurus

    Did you know:

    The ankylosaurus was an herbivore, which means they only ate plants, fruits, and seeds.

    Parsy The Parasaurolophus

    Did you know:

    The parasaurolophus was a herbivore, which means they only ate plants, fruits, and seeds.

    Vin The Ouranosaurus

    Did you know:

    The ouranosaurus had a large sail on its back, although it has never been proven, sail may have acted as a temperature regulator.

    Spike The Triceratops

    Did you know:

    The skull of a triceratops alone could grow over 2m in length.

    Pete The Pterodactyl

    Did you know:

    The pterodactyl's name means "flying lizard". Some pterodactyls were as large as hang gliders.

    Vic The Velociraptor

    Did you know:

    The velociraptor was actually only about the size of a large chicken.

    Rexy The Tyrannosaurus

    Did you know:

    Tyrannosaurus Rex hatchlings may have been covered in feathers.

    Stego The Stegosaurus

    Did you know:

    Although it looks scary, the stegosaurus was an herbivore, which means they only ate plants, fruits, and seeds.

    Patty The Plateosaurus

    Did you know:

    The plateosaurus was the first of the giant dinosaurs, growing to 9 meters long.

    Peggy The Unicorn

    Did you know:

    The unicorn was once a horse before a magician placed a spell on it.

    Mystic Castle The Enchanted Castle

    Did you know:

    The enchanted castle is home to the fairy princess, future ruler of the fairies kingdom.

    Wonder Wand The Enchanted Staff

    Did you know:

    Staff of Wonders is hidden in a deep cave and can only be used by a wizard.

    Goom The Magical Mushroom

    Did you know:

    Magical mushrooms are poisonous to enemies, and are great magical homes to fairies.

    Tom The Forest Elf

    Did you know:

    The Forest Elf protects the fairies from snakes and other dangerous animals.

    Dex The Dragon

    Did you know:

    Dragons can breathe fire out of their mouths.

    Boris The Bear

    Did you know:

    Apart from protecting their kingdom, magical bears are sworn to protect humans.

    Sparkle The Fairy

    Did you know:

    Fairies are quite shy and can instantly make themselves invisible.

    Gib The Goblin

    Did you know:

    Goblins are very good at mixing potions that they use to cast spells.

    Day The Princess

    Did you know:

    Since she was little, the princess has been able to speak to animals.

    Marvin The Monster

    Did you know:

    The colour of a monster's skin is green if they're happy and blue if they're sad.

    Fred The Frog

    Did you know:

    Before Peter was a frog, he was a handsome prince from a far away land.

    Doby The Sperm Whale

    Did you know:

    A male sperm whale eats almost 2000kg of food each day.

    Octo The Octapus

    Did you know:

    Octopuses smell with their arms

    Angela The Angelfish

    Did you know:

    Angelfish are so intelligent they can recognize their owners.

    Bassy The Red Steenbras

    Did you know:

    Red Steen bras can live as long as 33 years.

    Danny The Dolphin

    Did you know:

    Depending on the type of dolphin, some can dive up to 600m deep.

    Crabby The Tanner Crab

    Did you know:

    Crabs teeth are actually in their stomachs.

    Raymo The Manta Ray

    Did you know:

    The open fins of a manta ray can be up to 3 to 7 meters in length and can weigh in excess of 1,350 kilograms.

    Finny The Great White Shark

    Did you know:

    A great white shark may use and lose more than a thousand teeth in its lifetime.

    Horsey The Sea Horse

    Did you know:

    Unlike any other species, the male sea horse is the one who gives birth.

    Stella The Starfish

    Did you know:

    Most starfish have 5 arms but the sunflower sea star has up to 24 arms.

    Swordy The Sword Fish

    Did you know:

    A swordfish's sword is made from bone and helps them to swim fast.

    Bobo The Puffer Fish

    Did you know:

    The poison from a puffer fish is one of the most deadly in the world.



    Watch your characters and figures come to life! Bobby Bath Buddies are designed so that when placed in water, they transform into a story waiting to unfold. It’s that little touch of magic that turns bath and bedtime into a adventure.


    • Step 1: Get ready for bathtime!
    • Step 2: Drop Magical beans in the bath!
    • Step 3: Watch as special foam bath buddies appear
    • Step 4: Collect all 12 of your new buddies
  • play3b-instructions-image


    About Us


  • Follow the Bobby’s Bath Buddies journey and story adventures online by following our facebook page, twitter, google plus, youtube and website. Connect with us and join the magical world of our characters and creatures. We’ll keep you updated with the latest news and story chapters from the Bobby’s Bath Buddies series collection.



    Turning bath and bedtime into a fun-filled adventure is just a splash away with the Bobby’s Bath Buddies collection of bath toys. Making the story characters a part of childhood memories, whilst educating them, becomes an easy bath and bedtime routine.


    At 3B-Toys our main objective is for Bobby’s Bath Buddies to become the biggest provider of bath and bedtime toys on the market. They are designed to aid parents and offer a solution to the mundane bath and bedtime routine. We aim for the product to be widely available around the world, educating and creating fun, memorable experiences for children and parents to share.



    Welcome to the wonderful and mysterious world of Bobby Bath Buddies!

    We’ve spent countless hours making sure our special bath and bedtime characters and figures are fun and safe. We’ve also made sure that you’ll learn something new every time you meet a new buddy. Check out our handy splash guide on the website for some amazing facts about all the creatures and let them become a part of your mysterious bath and bedtime world. With stories of adventure and friendship by Bobby Bath Buddies, it simply takes one easy step for your children to get caught up in imagination and explore those curious little minds.

    Keep an eye out for Bobby Bath Buddies at your favourite toy store. If you can’t find us, drop us an email and we’ll let you know how to get your hands on our special buddies.

    Get ready to make bath and bedtime the most enjoyable and educational time of the day. Add a splash of magic!



    African Animals – Chapter 1

    Have you found Sam yet?

    Sam the lion lives under the whistling thorn tree. It’s far past the shrubs and over the big waterhole of the African kingdom. He would spend every day chasing the next exciting adventure to share with his friends. Sam loved to learn about the African kingdom and everything in it, he would spend his long hot days exploring under the bright African sun.

    As Sam would watch the sun rise above the Kilimanjaro Mountain in the distance, he could see the whole kingdom. His biggest dream was to one day climb that mountain and stand right on the top. The legend said that when you get to the top you can see the end of the world, and Sam wanted to know if that was true.

    Sam believed everyday adventures with his friends would get him closer to that dream and one day they would find an adventure they would never forget. An adventure that would beat all the adventures Sam and his friends had in the past. Sam’s whole kingdom-life was about to change with the journey on the horizon!

    African Animals – Chapter 2

    Where is Croco hiding?

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    Dinosaur Island – Chapter 1

    Have You Heard Bronty's Stories?

    Dinosaur Island is Bronty’s home, a land of the Volcano, and the best place in the world to him!

    Bronty, loved and liked by all the dinosaurs on Dinosaur Island, always has a new story to tell. He talks of adventures far away on the other side of the island, the scary and exciting climb to Volcano Point and meeting new friends by the sea-shore. Bronty collects stories the same way we would collect something we love.

    With a group of fun and adventure-loving friends, a day in Bronty’s dino life is never boring. Creating memories, you’ll find the dino friends chasing the sun one day, and discovering exotic fruit trees the next, learning about Dinosaur Island and all the lands across the sea. Bronty and his friends are excited by something new everyday.

    Join the journey and learn about all the wonderful treats Bronty and his dino friends discover!

    Fairy Land – Chapter 1

    Your World Of Fantasy

    A touch of sugar and a sparkle of spice, Fairy Land is a world of fantasy waiting just for you.

    The Magic Falls in the forest far outside the Mystic Castle walls, has a secret to be told. It’s hidden in a land of mystery and all things magical, the land of fairies and unicorns and creatures big and small.

    There is a princess we’d love you to meet. You’ll find her with the cutest smile on her face and always singing a cheerful song. Princess Day knows all the creatures and the fairies of the enchanted land. She believes it doesn’t matter what creature or fairy you are or what your favourite colour of the rainbow is, in this land of magic all the creatures and fairies love the same. Princess Day is the best of friend you could meet, lending a helping hand, she is ever so sweet.

    Dreams are just a wish away, and with a splash of magic Fairy Land is the most charming place anyone could ever imagine!

    Ocean Creatures – Chapter 1

    Treasures Under The Sea.

    Treasure is a special surprise, and Danny the dolphin has always loved looking for treasures.

    For a dolphin being curious is part of their nature, so it isn’t a surprise that shiny, interesting treasures is what Danny spends every free moment searching for. Under the sea you will find all kinds of crazy gadgets and gizmos and things from the world above. Danny has always wanted to be a treasure-hunter when he grows up – a treasure-hunter of wonderful and mystical things.

    A secret cave is where Danny places all the things he finds and with his treasure journal keeps track of the wonders. Nothing could get Danny down, life under the sea was every ocean creatures dream. But one day his sea-loving life changed.

    Danny, along with his ocean creature friends went on a journey and found out, that what he was looking for was just the beginning of a whole new world of magical discovery!


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